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Admiral Yachts

Admiral Yachts stands out as a specialized builder of super yachts and mega yachts, exceeding 100 meters in length. The yachts under ADMIRAL BRAND are universally recognised and appreciated for their elegance, classic style and prestige.

Present in the yacht market, Admiral has launched 150 super yachts and mega yachts over the years, realising the dreams of the most demanding yacht owners.

Made in Italy

Passion, attention to details, refined style and cutting edge design, tradition, know how and craftsmanship, enthusiasm, dedication to perfection, creativity and professionalism; these are the values that have made ADMIRAL so well appreciated all over the world, a fine example of Excellence and made in Italy.


The Group offers its customers the largest private drydock in the Mediterranean Sea, the only one capable of accommodating super yachts and mega yachts up to and over 100 meters and offers full REFITTING and MAINTENANCE SERVICES including a bright new crew village which can be used by captains and crews in order to monitor all the operations on site.

Technical and stylish innovation guarantee a precious added value to every brand creation.


launched yachts since 1966


Group launches since 1575


made in Italy


sqm production area

2 drydock



Brand of The Italian Sea Group, global operator of the international nautical industry with a production capacity of super yachts and mega yachts up to and over 100 m, Admiral is worldwide recognized for its elegant, classic and prestigious lines.

On the market since 1575 The Italian Sea Group has launched over 1288 yachts.


More than 50 years have passed since 1966 when Admiral launched its first wooden 18m yacht, beginning its story and marking a crucial moment in the YACHTING INDUSTRY and in the world of ‘MADE IN ITALY’ LUXURY.

150 super yachts and mega yachts launched, a unique and unrepeatable style constantly focused on attention to detail and technical-styling perfection. In 50 years Admiral has become a benchmark in the International yachting industry, synonymous with style, creativity and quality.



The perks of Admiral are shown through its story in pictures and words of yachts, super yachts and mega yachts which perfectly describe the elements that make ITS STYLE, its lines and its SIGNATURE unique all over the world.

Shipyard's Services

Located in Marina di Carrara, between the Apuan Alps and the sea, the Group production area spreads on a surface of around 120.000 sqm and can offer a wide range of REFIT SERVICES thanks to remarkable facilities such as two dry dock.


Viale C. Colombo, 4Bis
54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) Italy

VAT 00096320452
Share Capital € 26.500.000,00 i. v.

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